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Dr. Lyle Evans, We Presume?

Vanity Fair: Mad Meme — Dr. Lyle Evans, We Presume?

During last night’s episode of Mad Men, Roger Sterling, sharp-tongued bon vivant, became enraged upon learning of his partners’ plans to meet with Japanese executives at Honda. Sterling, a World War II veteran, was uneasy about his firm’s willingness to do business with a former Axis power. He expressed his displeasure by shouting (among other, less politically correct exhortations) at a meeting, “Why don't we just bring Dr. Lyle Evans in here?” Pete Campbell, also a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, asks the meeting’s dumbfounded attendees who the hell Dr. Lyle Evans is. Joan Harris, the office manager who had been keeping minutes, tells him that she doesn’t know. Neither, it now appears, does the Internet’s population of fervent Mad Men critics and chroniclers....

Now, though, it seems the persona has escaped the purview of the show’s writing staff. As it goes with these sorts of things, an anonymous enterprising fabulist has created a Twitter account for Dr. Lyle Evans. The first dispatch: “Busy morning. Lots of calls today.” The doctor is in.

Yup, that was me. #EnterprisingFabulist.

Jay Bushman